Tappcoin Pre-ICO Roadshow dates and cities in Europe and US for Nov 2018

Tappcoin is excited to announce the start of its European and US roadshow.

We are raising $20m hardcap with a $2m softcap – to build out further additions, including the incorporation of blockchain eLearning tech, to the TappnEd interactive video learning platform and scale the business.

Its an exciting time in general for the eLearning industry and now with the added features of blockchain tech we are able to take advantage of some of the advanced monetisation capabilities that cryptocurrencies can provide.

Air Malta was efficient, friendly and quick.

Tappcoin has attended the Malta Blockchain Summit on 31st Oct – 3rd Nov 2018 and met with investors, blockchain technology partners, recruiting staff and partners, and getting up to speed on the hottest trends in blockchain https://maltablockchainsummit.com/ .

From there we will be attending Blocklife 2018 in Saint Petersburg on 7th-8th November 2018, London on the 9th November, and Orlando Florida for the Online Learning Conference 14th-16th November. From there we may be in New York and finally we will be attending the North American Blockchain conference on 27th-28th November.


Malta Blockchain Awards 2018 – Sophia the Humanoid Artificial Intelligence, John McAfee appealing for crypto people to support worthy causes, and the Prime Minister of Malta addressed the assembled diners.

With the introduction of the Virtual Financial Assets Regulations in November 2018 Malta has cemented itself as a location of choice for blockchain companies as new ICO’s, digital exchanges and consultants make their headquarters here. See here for the VFA Announcements from the Malta Financial Services Authority https://www.mfsa.com.mt/pages/announcements.aspx?id=10. This new regulatory regime establishes a solid foundation for legitimizing the blockchain industry with a very extensive set of rules and regulations as to how ICO’s are to be run, what requirements for establishing Digital Exchanges (DEX) are, and what supporting industries engagement practices should be like.


The line up of speakers at Malta reads like a who’s who of world blockchain https://maltablockchainsummit.com/speakers/ including John McAfee who announced his 2020 running for President of the United States on a pro-cryptocurrency policy. Sophia the humanoid Artificial Intelligence celebrity also gave a brief speech on blockchain in AI and some of her planned technology applications. During the Malta Blockchain awards we heard from the Prime Minister of Malta who reaffirmed the governments commitment to supporting the blockchain industry with a robust regulatory regime which includes a thorough set of legislation, banking support and advisory network.

Sam Wilson CEO of Tappcoin has a chat with Sophia the Humanoid AI.

For Tappcoin we have been able to make the direct contacts and discussions with ICO consultants who will help with forming and executing a successful ICO process. In addition we had discussions with the Malta Business Bureau who are the conduit between the UN, local government and industry and in particular looked at the eLearning DIFME project that they are leading in an effort to provide a robust world class system in support of upskilling Maltese small business and entrepreneurs.

The conference also hosted many smaller blockchain start ups who are developing some very interesting technology solutions with blockchain as the key enabler which Tappcoin can partner with.

Without doubt Malta punches well above its weight in the blockchain technology and legal game and is lucky to have such a progressive set of business leaders and government. It so rightly deserves the undisputed title of “The Blockchain Island”.

Contact Sam Wilson directly on sam<at>tappned.com for a investor, technology or partnering discussion.


Saint Petersburg is the next stop Tappcoin CEO Sam Wilson who will be attending Blockchain Life 2018 on 6-8th  November – Eastern Europe’s largest blockchain event. With over 5000 attendees and the enthusiastic interest in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency by Russians, the event will be a fantastic showcase of solutions, innovators, investors, ICOs, and government. Interestingly cryptocurrencies are officially banned in Russia however the interest in it inside Russia is remarkable with many unique uses of the technology popping up despite regulators frowning on it. This is no doubt bound to change as Russia take a more pragmatic approach to blockchain technology. We are very excited to be attending this event and are keen to talk with technology providers and prospective investors. For more info the event see here https://blockchain-life.com/en/


If you do miss us at the event you can always contact our Russian Country Manager Andrey Romanov through the contact us section of our website www.tappcoin.io


From there Tappcoin will be visiting London briefly, and then attending the Online Learning Consortium conference in Orlando Florida in mid-November where we will be looking at the latest eLearning technology, talking with professionals in the eLearning space, looking for partnership programs and recruiting eLearning professionals. A key plank in our technology roadmap will be incorporating the latest learning technologies and methodologies into the Tappcoin/TappnEd platform. TappnEd has always taken the approach of using the most advanced systems and processes to deliver a user friendly and viable solution to market so attendance at these events allows us to stay on top the technology race, network with key players, and make long term useful partnerships. https://onlinelearningconsortium.org/attend-2018/accelerate/


Tappcoin may also be visiting New York on our way through to San Francisco for the North American Blockchain conference over the 28th-29th November 2018.


As part of this roadshow we are especially interested in talking with prospective Tappcoin Pre-ICO token purchasers who want to discuss participating in the Pre-ICO Private Sale process. Email to catch up or some a phone conversation sam<a>tappned.com.


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Tappy the Crypto Kangaroo is Tappcoin’s mascot and loves to talk crypto and blockchain tech.

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